Hi and welcome to our website.

Adventure Cycling is, it seems, far more popular than you would naturally think. After deciding to take off on our own adventure we discovered many resources which are there to help novices such as us.

Our website is about us and about our journey through life. It is set up primarily for friends and family to keep in touch with us and what we are doing and where we are in the world.

It is intended to give an insight to our lives on the road. You will not find extensive gear lists or recommendations for equipment that you should or should not take on your own journey. There may be references to those but only in passing and if they help you then all well and good. If however you want to contact us we would be glad to hear from you and are happy to share any knowledge we have gleaned from our journeys thus far.

You will find stories and photos many of which we are sure will be of frustration and saddle soreness! But also of freedom and days spent with our new best friends, our bikes affectionately known as Mo and Ellie.

We hope that we will achieve what we set out to do and if we inspire or advise others then that’s a complete and unexpected bonus.

Happy Cycling wherever and however you are doing it.

Adrian and Phaedra.

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